Friday, October 20, 2006

Updates from the Subinternship

Hello from Northern California.

Well this rotation is keeping me a lot busier than I expected! Apparently it is a subinternship, which means I am being treated as if I'm an intern ... meaning that I have (near) complete control of my patients, I take overnight call with the team and admit about several new patients, and I am also the first one that's paged in the middle of the night when there is a problem with the patient. Some of these are responsibilities I'm used to, but others are completely new duties for me (such as putting myself down for first page on the admission orders).

Plus, they hit me hard and they hit me fast ... I was on call my second day, as I was still slightly shaken up over struggling to learn my way around the hospital, learn their electronic medical system, and just get a feel for the overall culture. (At least I got to sleep for about 1 1/2 hours.)

Anyway, I am pulling pretty long hours so I have very little time for leisure activities. So much for going to the gym and hanging out with family/friends for the remainder of this rotation. My schedule consists of going to work at 6am, coming home, eating, squeezing in some reading, and then going to sleep. Repeat x 28 days. On the bright side, the residents and faculty here are extremely sharp and knowledgeable, and I am learning a lot. I am also getting an appreciation for what next year (i.e. internship) will feel like.

This is a program I really would like to go to for residency, so I'm willing to endure all of this ... but I get a total of 4 days off (today being one of them), so I won't complain too much.

In the meantime, expect posts and comment replies only on my days off ... so until then, goodbye.

P.S. There are noontime talks here nearly everyday, and the first one I attended was one about the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical industry. A very interesting talk ... and very timely!

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