Monday, October 30, 2006

Drowning in Estrogen

Attending: female.
Resident: female.
Intern: female.
Me: not so much.

This is a first for me, where my entire team is composed of girls (women?) I have been on many teams where the majority of the team was female, but never where I am the only guy.

I definitely have no problem with this, it is just new for me. The team is just as efficient and competent as any team I've ever been on, but it definitely has a different air to it than when guys are the majority. Everyone instinctively responds with "ohhh" (with sympathetic tone) when a patient says something touching. They all bust out with "he's so cuuuuuute!" after interacting with our little old man patient. And they all show pictures of their children to each other.

Luckily the fellow that rounds with us for our unit (ICU) patients is a guy, so there is a little burst of testosterone for a few minutes each morning. (The interesting thing is that I did not even notice this all-female aspect of my team until he brought it up one morning!)

Anyway, not complaining ... just reporting.


Carol said...

At a school I used to work at there were two men on a staff of 50. They were the facilities guy and the janitor guy.

One day the principal came in with a resume from a guy for a director position. She started to hand it to me, saying "This guy sent a resume" I said "HIRE HIM". She said "You haven't even looked at the resume" I said "I don't care. If he has a penis, hire him. There is too much estrogen on this campus."

samip dattani said...

i was posted in obs&gyn ward for a month. i'm a guy intern and i had 6 female residents to please.. no pun intended.