Monday, October 30, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I have been watching a lot of the TV show Grey's Anatomy on DVD here since I don't have television (but luckily I do have internet).

But what is up with this show? These "general surgery" residents do everything ... they're not just general surgeons, but they deliver babies, they do prostatectomies, they do it all. The cardiothoracic surgeons remove abdominal tumors, the neurosurgeons do heart surgery ... what don't they do?

Well for one, they don't listen to DNR/DNI orders (such as the Asian girl intern who goes about coding a DNR patient like there was no tomorrow), as well as many other orders from their attendings. What kind of intern goes behind their attending's back and second guesses their clinical decisions? I cannot even imagine in real life what would happen to that lowly intern if they were to defy an attending in that way.

Also, at what program do most interns sleep with their attendings? Perhaps I should go there for training ... I do like Seattle, afterall.

And finally, come to think of it, this show is on its 3rd season ... and what kind of interns remain interns for 3 years?

Anyway, time for the next episode.

(I know these post-call posts are lame, but in my delirious state of mind they're pretty damn entertaining.)


Wendy said...

I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan, and I think I read/heard somewhere about how the show doesn't quite follow the same time line as real life. Even though the show's been on for three years, it's still in the first year for the interns.

Kristal said...

Medically, this show annoys me. I mean, it does. The sleeping, the defying, the dramatization, the loose plot lines.

Well, okay, the last isn't medical. But for a SOAPOPERADRAMA it's addictive and I love the damn thing.

It's a love/hate with me. But yeah, it annoys me.

P/S- I found your blog through a grey's google.

Stiven said...

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