Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waiting Anxiously for Internship

Life is pretty easy these days as I wait for the start of internship, although the more accurate word might be lazy. My days are filled with watching TV and my DVDs. A large portion of time is also devoted to browsing the web, but I get so bored at times that even the almighty internet cannot entertain me (it is these days that I feel I've visited every site on the internet.) In addition, the dog probably isn't used to me being home this much and so she is slightly confused; I spend a good portion of my day pleading with her not to stare at me.

But as the big day looms closer, I am also starting to get a little anxious. If given the choice I would definitely say I'm excited to start internship -- as opposed to the many people who are dreading it -- but I would also like to delay it almost as long as possible. All of a sudden I am realizing what is expected of me in terms of the responsibilities of patient care.

I keep thinking back to my many interns during medical school and wonder if I can handle those sorts of duties and expectations. I had no problem uncovering problems and communicating them to the intern, but attempting to solve those problems was an entirely different matter ... who knows if I'll even know where to begin. My only comforting thought is that thousands of people have gone through this in the past, and so I too should be able to cope.

And maybe that is why I am engrossed daily in such brainless, non-medical activities ... in addition to passing the time, perhaps I am trying to distract myself from various frightening realities about internship. With that said, time to get back to Boomshine. Watch out, it's pretty addictive!

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