Thursday, June 21, 2007

Medicine Orientation and Overload

Taking a sip from a fire hydrant -- that's what this week has been like. The orientation for our department was today, and we were bombarded with even more information, and this time it affects us in a very real way (as opposed to the fluffy rules and regulations presented in the hospital orientation, such as effective teamwork, etc.).

We were each handed a heavy packet of items, and quickly the realities of internship started to face us. First, of course, was the pager. Everyone immediately began playing with it, causing a roomful of pagers to start beeping. We haven't even started internship and I already hate that little black box, though I know it gets even worse.

Next was our schedule, which is something we have all been waiting for desperately. Right away the next 12 months of our lives were determined, as were our call nights and holidays (or lack thereof). And I am happy to tell you that I will be on call both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Finally, the most awakening part of the packet was a prescription pad. Yes, a prescription pad. I'm barely out of medical school, and I'm being given a prescription pad. My impulse reaction was to think "no, those are for doctors", and then I realized that technically I too am now a doctor.

So with that one packet our futures were rudely whipped into shape. It was definitely an informative, if not overwhelming, day. And it will definitely be a busy, if not painful, year.

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