Monday, June 25, 2007

Internship Day One

The first day of internship was today. Actually internship began yesterday (Sunday), but I am starting with an outpatient rotation and thus began work today. My hours are set, and I work everyday from 8am to 7pm, mostly in an urgent care clinic. That itself makes my day tiring (there's never a shortage of urgent care patients), on top of the fact that I am now working 11 hour days ... up from zero for the past 5 months!

To top it off, I am also this month's "backup" intern, meaning I have to be available at all times via pager in case another intern gets sick or cannot show up work for any reason. They definitely waste no time making me a slave to my pager.

I am tired so I now have to turn in for the night. More updates to follow ... but I have survived. One day down, 1094 to go.

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