Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year and I'm Back

Happy new year everyone!

I know it is a little belated, but I've been busy trying to settle down now that I have returned from my trip abroad. I'm glad to be back, although the trip was lots of fun.

My plane rides, however, were not enjoyable. I first flew 5 hours to Frankfurt, Germany, which was not too bad since at the airport I sat and drank a great beer (Licher). Excellent taste while being served at the perfect temperature (not too cold). Ze germans really know how to brew and serve beer. Even better, this beer was for breakfast ... but don't worry, I balanced it out with a healthy bowl of yogurt and muesli (dubbed "The Fitness Breakfast" in their menu). Great combination. Not a bad way to start off the 5am hour.

I should also mention that at Frankfurt's security checkpoint, I was thoroughly "inspected" (felt up). That guy was poking and rubbing his hand in places that even girls haven't visited. Not at all enjoyable, even with a crowd of people watching me squirm with each new body part being examined.

My next flight -- back to California -- was over 11 hours. Think about that. Think about what you typically do in 11 hours. There is only so much sleeping, reading, watching movies (You, Me, and Dupree), and eating you can do when on a plane before you go stir-crazy, or get a PE. Needless to say, I was very excited when we touched ground, especially since I have a new-found appreciation for life.

In any case, I'm back. The plan for this month: radiology. Yes, last month was neuroradiology, and now it's plain old radiology. After one week, I have realized my schedule will be nearly the same as before. Instead of starting at 9am, however, I start at 8am ... which just means my day is done at 9am. Not too shabby!

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