Friday, January 26, 2007

Boards Done, Radiology Done

I took my USMLE Step 2 board exam today. It was much like Step 1 (the board exam that really matters), but more clinically oriented. I dedicated one month of semi-serious studying and that was it. It was a 9-hour test, which is damn long. I haven't sat down and focused all my attention on one thing for a long time (since Step 1, actually) and that made it very tough. More importantly, having taken this test signifies the last test I will take in medical school.

Today also marks the end of my radiology rotation ... more accurately, radiology rotations. After having spent December in neuroradiology and this month in radiology, my "radi-holiday" is now over. I definitely did not learn much over the past 2 months, but I have to admit I'll miss the radiologist lifestyle. Gone are my 1-hour "work" days. The rest of my school year still won't be rigorous, since I only have two more months of rotations, one of which is a research month.

Relatedly, I am also starting to understand part of the reason why internship is so stressful and difficult. After going through the fourth year of medical school, the last half of which is spent mostly doing nothing, it must be a rude awakening to be thrust full-time into the hospital again. Going from slacking to 80-hour work weeks, no free weekends, and a call schedule can't be pleasant for anyone. It is a good thing no one expects much from interns. I hope.

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