Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Power Walking

It is always amazing what a little confidence can do. A few days ago I dropped by our university hospital -- aka, the fancy, uppity hospital -- to visit a friend who is doing research there. I had never stepped foot inside that hospital before, and so when I walked hoping to find the elevators to the third floor, I realized didn't know exactly where they were.

The front desk people immediately sensed my confusion and asked if they could be of assistance. I mistakenly asked them to direct me to the elevators, because I was immediately directed to several different security guards, each asking what room I was going (no idea), why I was going there (to visit an employee), and how long I would be there (again, no idea). I then was forced to sign in and slap on a tacky "VISITOR" sticker to my white coat ... yes, I was wearing my white coat and was still was put through this unnecessary hassle.

So today I went to visit her again, and this time I headed straight for the elevator as if I had walked it a thousand times. Surprise surprise, no one even bothered questioning me.

And I was wearing neither my white coat nor my ID badge ... there's the humor of it.

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