Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Design

Axis Deviation is growing up. Throughout its lifetime of nearly three and a half years, this blog has kept the same design. While I have enjoyed the red and grey of old, it is time to retire it and inject a new energy into this blog's appearance. So in the spirit of change, especially since there is no such thing as timelessness on the web, I have changed this site's layout.

Allow me to explain the reasons for choosing this particular template. The theme's block design offers a subtlety lacking in the old theme, which some might deem overly aggressive. I appreciate how the magenta titles contrast the melancholy blue-grey overtones, making the site approachable, pleasing, and even bosomy. Finally, the header's rounded grey squares -- majestically translucent and overlapping -- are delicately spread out, such as might give the effect of confetti blowing into the sky on a warm summer night. Plus it looks cool.


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