Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Latest Grand Rounds

Check out this week's Grand Rounds, hosted by Diabetes Mine, who did a great job of organizing it. Look out for a post from your very own Axis!


Pre-Med said...

I would just like to say that I have officially read your entire blog and I must say Its quite humorous to say the least. That being said you said know that you may have inadvertently caused a pre-med to possible fail finals and therefore not get into medical school due to the intense desire to read through the entire blog. =]

Axis said...

Thanks a lot for reading. Just don't overdo it ... I don't want to be responsible for you flunking out of school!

Jo said...

Hi there...
I'm a reporter working on a piece for Slate.com about the accuracy of "Scrubs," and I came across a related post on your terrific blog. I'd love to talk to you a little bit about the idea. You can reach me at joanna.weiss (at) gmail.com and we can coordinate a time to chat. Meanwhile, here's a link to a previous piece I did for Slate:
Thanks in advance, and have a great weekend!
- Joanna Weiss

Anonymous said...

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