Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random Thoughts 2

  • I am in the CCU these days (cardiac care unit, i.e. ICU for heart patients) and am consistently working 15+ hour days most days of the week. It’s amazing how quickly this sort of schedule can eliminate most of your free time and kill any semblance of a social life.

  • Being in the CCU, I am part of the code blue team and thus have to carry an additional pager … bringing my waistline to a total of two pagers (which also tends to pull my scrubs down). For the first few minutes, wearing both pagers made me feel cool. Then I felt like an ultra-dork. And now all I feel is double the anxiety and terror since I am attached to two leashes that can easily and quickly ruin my night.

  • I hate nurses who useless send "FYI" pages. I often get text pages that say “FYI: pt X has blood sugar 85 and is asymptomatic”. If he’s asymptomatic, why page me?! I swear, if I get another one of these pages, I’m paging them back next time I’m in the bathroom saying “FYI: I'm taking a crap. But asymptomatic.”

  • I bought a new car! New new, not new used. As much as I loved my old car, this new one makes the grieving process much easier.

  • It is Saturday night, and I am home alone. Granted I'm on call tomorrow and need to get sleep tonight, but still ... could I be a bigger loser?


Ladyk73 said...

You are NOT a loser. Just overwhelmed, tired, and stressed.

It will get better...I hope.

calgirl said...

I love your updates because they're so honest and real.... things are going tough but hang in there