Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Continuing to Sicken Our Veterans

For those who are not familiar, the VA (or Veterans Administration) hospital is the government-provided healthcare system for US military veterans. Considering it is a governmental organization, it actually provides great healthcare. Residents in my program rotate frequently through the local VA.

Anyway, today I saw a sign in the VA cafeteria that said “Continuing to Serve Our Veterans” next to a photo of a discounted meal combination consisting of a greasy hamburger, fries, and soda.

Continuing to serve veterans? Ha! First the government fucked up our veterans’ lungs by packing cigarettes into their lunches, and now they’re continuing to ruin their cardiovascular system by only serving nasty, greasy hamburgers and fries in the cafeteria.

I love it. Thankfully the veterans don’t have to pay for their bypass surgeries.


Anonymous said...

haha, wow how ironic. Anyways, I really enjoy your blog. Could you do a post on how you decided to go into Internal Med? An if you plan on doing a fellowship or not?

OHN said...

I live near the Cleveland Clinic and recently there was a big bruhaha about what they serve. Here they are one of the leaders in cardiac care serving crap...I think it is to guarantee future patients--lol.

Katie said...

hey, you havent posted in a while..everything ok?

Axis said...

Anonymous -- Not a bad idea. Stay tuned (although it might take awhile!)

Ohn -- You're right, I bet they're just trying to drum up future patients!

Katie -- I apologize. It's amazing how easily the hospital can consume you.