Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello from Argentina

Hola again!
I am writing you all from near the bottom of the earth. While I entered Argentina through Buenos Aires -- which is a great and lively city -- we then flew further down south, to the Patagonia region of this country ... which, if you refer to a map, approaches the bottom of the globe. I am probably upside down compared to most of you (at least those in the US)!
Patagonia offers LOTS of amazing scenery and some of the planet´s greatest outdoor sites. Mountains, glaciers, towers of granite, fjords, it has it all. It is also quite cold here, which is unfortunate since I wasn´t expecting to take this excursion and thus only packed beach clothing. Not wise, but a little 0.4 degree Celsius never killed anyone, right? (OK, it probably does.)
Until next time, chau!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog

Thought you would get a kick out of this...

The MSILF said...

Hope you're having fun!