Sunday, November 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • Residency interview offers are finally starting to trickle in. I have a few offers from some of the programs I have slightly less interest in, but they are interviews nonetheless. I'm still waiting around for some of the big guns to get back to me (with good news, I hope).

  • I'm quickly getting tired of people who only talk about their kids. I completely understand the excitement of fatherhood and motherhood, and I fully expect to have kids in the future myself, but the behavior of these new parents is just irritating. As long as a topic relates remotely to their kids or children in general (e.g. Halloween) they jump at the opportunity to bring up pictures and stories of their children. So now, to prevent them from dominating conversations, I have started showing pictures of my dog to everyone.

  • Being on call q4 (medical speak for "every 4 nights") is not as bad as I thought it would be. Granted it's no breeze either, since there are only 2 days where I am neither on- or post-call, but I'm holding up better than I expected. I have been lucky, however, to get about 2 hours of sleep per call night. It is also easier knowing that this schedule will end soon ... which scares me a little since I know fully well that the bulk of next year will involve such a call schedule.

  • On a related note, my time here is almost up. Three weeks down, one to go. Funny how my first week here seemed to drag on, as I was learning the ins and outs of this new hospital and system, and now all of a sudden I have only one week to go before I return to Southern California.

  • In other news: being up here is definitely clearing my head of the friend situation from back home. The flip side is that whenever I receive a phone call or text message from friend I get even more excited than normal, which I'll admit is probably not a healthy sign. Case in point: I woke up at 3am recently to the sound of my phone receiving a text message -- from her -- which made me so excited I couldn't fall asleep afterwards.

  • P.S. Go see Borat!


Carol said...

I also do the picture of The Best And Cutest Dog In The World thing with my baby picture toting friends. Then I start in with stories about the day he came to the back door with a dead bird in his mouth that he had caught out of the air in flight, the story about the time he farted so badly we all had to leave the room, how much he hates getting that fecal test at the vet... very quickly the conversation turns to politics, religion, etc. :)

Axis said...

Wow, you're ballsy. Luckily the kid conversations I get roped into never get so annoying that I have to resort to stories like that!