Sunday, April 16, 2006

Miracle of Birth, Part 2

My earlier post might have been interpreted as being disrespectful to women in labor, but rest assured that that was not the intention. It was simply intended as a graphic description of the several deliveries I witnessed, and contrary to what might be implied, I am actually very impressed by the stamina and pain tolerance demonstrated by women in the midst of child birth.

Still, in retrospect, the birthing process was neither interesting nor appealing to me, and I found myself only enjoying those moments that involved the baby -- starting at the time delivery was imminent, to seeing the crown, to pulling the baby out, to handing it off to the pediatricians. In fact, near the end of every delivery I was so mesmerized by the baby's presence that I would follow it around instead of focusing my attention on its hemorrhaging mother ... something my team noticed, too, as they frequently needed to pull me physically back to the table.

To sum up: deliveries are gross, babies are cute.

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