Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Residency, By the Numbers

Years of residency3
Months of residency36
Days of residency 1094
Number of them I spent overnight in the hospital 223
Most hours worked at a time 36
Most hours worked in 48-hour period 40
Number of pts I admitted (approx) ~1500
Number that died under my watch Small handful
Number of pages received TNTC
Number of times I threw my pager into the wall 0 (!)
Number of lumbar punctures 12
Number where I shook the needle because of a page 2
Number of patients in my clinic panel 110
Number who I truly liked 2
Number of pelvic exams I did 36
Number I enjoyed 0
Number of times I pinched a cervix 1 (so sorry)
Number of times I performed the "whiff test" 1
Number of times I converted my PPD 0
Number of needle sticks 1 (pt HIV negative, whew)
Number of lawsuits 0
Number of days left of residency 0

1 comment:

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