Friday, January 15, 2010

Holidays Are Over

Now that Christmas and New Years have come and gone, there is only one thing I can say ... thank goodness the holidays are over. I cannot be thankful enough. I was unlucky enough to have to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. And for most of them, notably New Years Eve, I had to work night shifts.

I used to love the holidays. I loved the Christmas decorations on the streets, Christmas music everywhere, and the feel of the weather (yes it's California, but still). This job, however, has gradually eroded my passion for the holidays (among most other things in life), and this year sealed the deal.

Working through the holidays, and those four days in particular, was dreadful. Putting in my thankless slave labor hours while watching my friends and family get time off -- some of whom got two weeks off! -- was extremely discouraging and depressing. I absolutely dreaded going to work each evening, I was grumpy with co-workers in the hospital (many who reciprocated for similar reasons), and I found patients extra hateful. What kind of person prefers to be in the hospital on Christmas Day as opposed to home. Who thinks "instead of opening presents or spending time with family let me go to the hospital, complain, and get attention"? Those people are not sick in body, they are sick in mind.

Holiday season 2009 was the worst I have experienced ... and I sincerely hope no future holiday season tops it.

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