Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dumbest People Ever


I know that I -- in my vast bitterness -- have insulted patients many a time, insulted nurses many a time, and insulted fellow doctors many a time as well. However, no one tops the following people in terms of sheer, absolute dumbness (for lack of a better word).

(In case you require a medical-related reason to watch this video, just imagine the blood pressure effects of listening to the people featured in this video.)


keagirl said...

I saw this video on daily kos a couple of days ago, and cringed. Our country is truly divided and watching people like this makes me feel that we could never truly be united.

Cocos said...

Socratic Irony. I love it!!

tracy said...

Arrrrggghhhh!!!! i think i need medication after seeing that one!!
But, for fun, google "The Great Schlep".
And the name Barack means "lightening" in Hebrew.
And w h e n will people e v e r learn the difference between a Muslim and a t e r r o r i s t ??????

Hey, thanks, Dr. Axis!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Arrrrgghh. You're right on about the blood pressure!

Anonymous said...

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