Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Asshole Patients

See if I ever ask you -- out of genuine compassion (a rarity in the hospital) -- if there is something I can do to help you sleep more comfortably, as you looked uncomfortable. Normal people don't respond to such compassion with yelling and barking out "Is it against the rules to sleep like this?"
Just for that I'm making you NPO until you leave AMA.


Anonymous said...

Asshole doctors about killed me in the hospital for not paying attention to possible signs of PORPHYRIA, I'm sure this word will haunt you as I accidentally stumbled upon it in your earlier post.
Asshole patients, come on. I HAVE TO PAY ASSHOLE DOCTORS regardless of their attitude and lack of skill.
I'm the child of a physician with many physicians in the family, so it's not like I haven't been around the medical profession all my life.
Patients know their bodies, something some doctors refuse to acknowledge, or even a patient's intuition or own knowledge. This I hate. Luckily I have a great GP who actually reads the scientific articles that I bring in, in hopes of finding out answers. There are some conditions in which the patient actually educates the doctor because it's a disease so rare or weird that we have to educate and study the disease to save ourselves,because doctors don't have time to study every rare disease that pops up, or all of my weird symptoms. My dad told me to diagnose myself, heal myself, and through education and intuition I am doing just that. My now physicians are open minded and listened, we worked together. So remember an Asshole patient is suffering, and it's damn hard work. I know there are assholes in general on the planet. I have actually dated a few, but remember suffering sucks.
None of my doctors even considered porphyria in the hospitalizations that I had, but it exhists.
I'm glad the word Porphyria is engrained in your head, because there's always a reason.

Anonymous said...

Just for that I'm making you NPO until you leave AMA.

Ohhh, that's classic. I lmao.

Anonymous said...

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