Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Outside Hospital

I just came across this hilarious YouTube clip depicting an advertisement that touts the infamous "outside hospital". "Outside hospital" simply refers to any hospital that is not your own -- the hospital you work at, that is.

While it strictly just refers to a hospital, this term actually has much richer connotations. A patient being transferred from an outside hospital usually has had many unnecessary procedures, countless tests, and, most irritating of all, is transferred over with a surprising shortage of records and documentation describing what happened there ... and the very few that are sent are of no help at all. Unfortunately you probably cannot fully appreciate this video unless you have worked or trained at a large -- and probably university-based -- hospital.

The best part is the series of back-and-forth comments at the bottom of the page that viewers have posted, particularly by some very defensive people.

But ... the bestest part? "We'll send the nursing notes".

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