Saturday, August 04, 2007

No Longer a Medical Student

While I know that I'm now an intern, I often forget it. In other words I sometimes forget I am no longer a medical student. I am no longer just a tag-along member of the team that needs to feign non-stop enthusiasm and over-eagerness. I am now the intern, and so I'm one of the "real" team members. I can now behave how I want instead of the way that I think will earn me good evaluations.

As a med student, I would only speak when spoken to, cling to the team like glue during rounds, and make sure not to do anything that wasn't directly related to patient care. Now, I speak whenever I want, I walk away from the team at any time during rounds, and say I receive a text message during rounds ... that's right, I whip out my phone right there and reply back.

I realize I probably sound unprofessional -- and perhaps even assholic -- but whatever, I have earned my new position, I am working hard, and so I enjoy taking these little liberties. It's all I have to get me through the day.

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