Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ensuring Professional Behavior

It's late at night right now, and I just got home from hanging out all night with people from school. We were at a bar, and something on everyone's mind was DUI ... or more precisely how to avoid getting one.

See, today we had a (outrageously long and boring) session on medical licensure, and to make sure this topic was properly shoved down our throats, three middlemen representatives from the Medical Board of California made an appearance to talk to us. In addition to describing their mundane job in great detail (i.e. sifting through thousands of applications a year), they spent lots of explaining how we had to make absolutely sure we were being truthful when reporting any prior offenses ... including but not limited to reckless driving, DUI, and running red lights.

Needless to say many students were a little shocked that these offenses, no matter how distant, would have to be reported, lest their application for a license be denied.

So whereas before, people were not overly scared to get a DUI (they were, but everyone has had a friend at one point who got one), now everyone was just a little more careful with their drinking and driving ... to make sure their behavior now doesn't jeopardize their future career.

That was a lot of words. To sum up: now we're really afraid to get a DUI.

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