Monday, December 04, 2006

Night Before an Interview

I am sitting here in a motel in San Diego, the night before a residency interview tomorrow. The program recommended this motel as it is the most accomodating one in the area. Accomodating as it may be (in terms of free shuttles and discounts to interviewees), it is no 5-star motel.

It was nighttime when I entered my room for the first time, and immediately none of the light switches worked. After I wandered around in the dark turning on lamps manually, I noticed that the one (large) window in this room was covered only by a curtain that was thin and see-through. I moved to pull the thicker curtains that were bunched up at the side of the window, but I realized that there was no track for them, and so they weren't able to be pulled across the window ... which means that with all the lights on in this room, people from the outside have an easy and clear view of what I'm doing in here. Which also makes me worry in this sketchy neighborhood that's only 50 feet from the freeway.

To top it off, the bathroom light doesn't work, so if I want to take care of business, it'll be in the dark. Luckily I know where all my boy parts are.

So again ... I'm sitting here in a motel in the middle of the San Diego boonies, unable to relieve myself, and probably being watched from the outside by some freak. Talk about the sacrifices one makes to become a doctor.

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Anonymous said...

Wait - how did the interview itself go? I was really thinking SD but then I read a couple of places say that the FP program is kinda academic and competitive - vying for professorships all around and I cooled off on that. SD's supposed to be nice though.

Thanks for your comment at my spot. I'll be a lot less prolific once I start internal medicine Sunday and my life ceases to be my own again.

They gotta figure out a way to be able to email directly back to comments on blogger.

And now I need to know - is there a subtype of dream interpretation around the kinds of erotic dreams med students have? I sooooooooo hope so - that would have to be really interesting.