Monday, July 03, 2006

New Interns

The new interns arrived at the hospital this week, and they're quite amusing to watch. They are very easy to spot, not only because they walk around with a slightly lost look on their faces as they try to find various wards in the hospital (in their defense, our hospital is huge), but also because their name badges are white, while everyone else's is blue.

It is also nice, for once, to feel like I'm not the least experienced member of the team. While the interns technically do have more medical training than I do -- by just one year -- most of them are from other medical schools and are thus new to our hospital. As a result, they need a little hand-holding on what are typically straightforward tasks, like finding lab results.

For example, the new intern on our team, after admitting his first patient, quietly pulled me aside and asked me to look through his admission orders to make sure he did them properly. I helped him out, flattered that he, someone higher in rank than me, turned to me for guidance. I didn't want to get too cocky, however, knowing fully well that this will be me in one year.

But still, quite amusing.

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