Friday, June 02, 2006

Weird Habit

I have many weird habits, ask anyone that even slightly knows me. But if you ask me, none of them are weird ... in fact they are all done for a practical purpose.

One of these habits involves the bathroom here at the hospital and what I do as I enter one. Whenever I open the door to the bathroom -- and only those that are single-occupancy, not the ones that accomodate many people -- I open it slowly, very slowly. I do this just in case there is someone in there, so as to give them a chance to yell out in case they forgot to lock the door. As reasonable as it seems to me, people always give me a hard time about this, saying no one forgets to lock the bathroom door.

Well just a few days ago I went to the bathroom in clinic and started opening the door slowly ... and then heard something like a moan or a yell. Turns out a man was in there, and, that's right, he forgot to lock the door. I quickly apologized (or mumbled something) and shut the door.

And now I have no qualms about continuing this habit in the future. A 1 in 100 hit rate ain't bad!


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