Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Penis in Awhile

With ob/gyn (my final 3rd year rotation) done, I am now doing an elective research block with an advisor I've been working with for several years, conducting research in the field in which I hope to end up.

Today I had the opportunity to scrub into a surgical case where the patient was a man. He was put on the table, the staff started to prep him ... and then I noticed he had a penis! No, it wasn't that it was deformed or that it was big or small, just that he had one. That's it.

This would have been a non-issue for nearly anyone else, but you have to understand ... I hadn't seen a patient with a penis in a long time. After 6 weeks of being up to my neck in vagina -- diseased vaginas and ones with baby heads prodding through them -- it was refreshing to see a robe pulled off to reveal male parts.

Once this hit me, I was pretty excited ... in a non-homosexual way, if that's even possible given the fascination with which I've written.


With Ob/Gyn done, I also suppose I'm in my 4th year now. Fourth year med student. MS4. One more year to go ... exciting, yeah?

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Jeremy said...

Heh, I know the feeling.

I'm finishing up a family med rotation in the middle of June that will cap off my third year. Then...two week break...and back to the grind starting as an MS4.

It's sad to have no summer.